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Scoring high in jamb CBT is not that hard as you might think. It takes hardwork and consistency to meet your desired cut-off mark. But trust me, no matter how proficient you are, u can’t cover all jamb syllabus in one head, never. E.G If you are given 50 jamb questions to answer but unfortunately you are able to penetrate only 15 Questions correctly, what will you do with the remaining 35 ? Leave it for Jamb?

This is why we create this portal to help you extricate and defeat JAMB completely. We will send you complete, correct and verify jamb answers before your exam, this will definitely hit you nothing less than 250-270+ score depending on how you use the answers..

Notice: Here Is The Place To Get Real Jamb 2018 CBT Answers Runs Expo.

Let Me Show You How To Score 250-270+

From The Desk Of: ExpoCyber.com Team [The Jamb Experts]

ATTENTION!!! Dear 2018 Jamb Candidate, My name is Mr. Cyberbrainx creator of Expocyber.CoM all time online JAMB GURU, I have mapped out working strategy to help you to score 250-270+ in jamb.

Now let's dive deeper. You don't need to enter into the HALL with your phone.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Your JAMB 2018 CBT Answers & Questions will be sent to your Phone Number 5 Hours before Exam Time. E.g If you are writing tomorrow by 6.AM you will receive it between 2.am-5.am on exam day. Jamb always Refresh ''DB QUESTIONS SERVER'' few hours before exam. You will get your own unique questions and answers. we will use your registration number.

We will send you the answers 5 Hours before your Exam Time Fully solved.

FACT: Pay for Your JAMB 2018 CBT Answers The Earlier The Better

WARNING:- Please Read This Slowly To Understand It Very Well Cos We Have Explained Everything In A Simple Language. This Runz Is For Only CBT Candidates Throughout

Now Lets Know How You Will Choose the Correct Answers ?
Most times, the questions in computer based test are in the multi-choice format. This is called multi Choice Question where you will be required to pick the correct answer(s).
For instance something like this appears on your screen:

Solve for y .

y - 2 + 3y = 10
A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3
E. 2

You select one of the best answers by:

• Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
• Clicking the radio button with a mouse, or
• Use the Tab Key to move through the options and then pressing the space-bar to select an option.

Select the next button to continue.

Hope this write up gives you a brief overview of the pattern of computer based test. So, as expected, if you read this article before the test, it means you have what it takes to succeed in your exams.
The www.Expocyber.com Teams wish you all the best in any of your exams. Remember to share this article with your friends and relatives. See you on top.

DO YOU KNOW? 50% Of Nigeria Student Dnt Know How JAMB CBT Look Like Computer Based Test.

Computer Based Test (CBT) is a modern testing procedure where each examinee answers their question directly on a computer. It's a bit different from the traditional way of testing where individuals will have to answer their questions using a paper and a pencil or pen.

Computer Based Testing requires the examinees to have a grab on basic computer knowledge,as well as understanding important navigation. Apart from writing the exams on a computer, the arrangement of the exams with respect to timing and level of precision also differs with the conventional paper and pencil based testing

We are trying to paint the picture that based portray the pattern of computer based test to enable prospective candidates, notably first timers, to get the basic features of the computer based examination

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With unfailing strategies applied in the cancelled PPT Examination, CBT is much better. In the concluded CBT, we were able to deliver 100% Real Questions and Answers 6hours before the exam. Same principle will apply to CBT but with little differences. CBT is a Computer Based Examination. How will it be possible to send answers?

How will you know the question I will be given and the answers?

The questions will be different for each person. How will assistance be possible?

This is the most popular question asked when we revealed our plans to help candidates for CBT. Can you take more of your time to read this page? You're just few steps to see the answers to your question..

Get Started: A lot of students have been thrown into deep fears of failure when they had no choice than to apply for the computer based test 2018 due to one reason or the other in the past UTME Exam. So far, no website/tutorial/school has offered CBT assistance to candidates. Likewise, no website/school/tutorial centre has ever been able to dish out real Jamb questions to candidates. But ExpoCyber.Com laid a landmark initiative after assisting students in the 2017 CBT UTME and the amazing release of 2011/2015 Jamb PPT questions online a day before the exam. It is at disposal, the fact that a lot of student lack the requisite knowledge of how CBT assistance can be offered. Nonetheless, take your time to read below as we take you steps by steps, the details.

The Untold Secret of Jamb CBT

This information I realizing is strictly confidential and must not spread. Hence, it will be changed by JAMB which will at long run affect candidates. Jamb CBT is run in ways that confuse experts on how to go about assisting students. In the examination, the questions each student will be different but similar and if at all, they are the same, they will never be in the same number.
For example, question 1 for candidate A may be the question 30 of another candidate.
This strategy is been adopted by Jamb and it has been auto configured with the online data base. In other words, the computer has been configured such that it changes the questions number for each candidate.

In our investigation, this same strategy has been used by institutions who write "E-Exam" like the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). Do you understand? Well understood. Good!

What is the strategy for assistance?

Here comes the most anticipated answer! There is no other answer beyond the fact that with serious negotiations and so much cash involved, we have been able to contract with a reliable source within the JAMB teams that uploads the question on the examination portal. The untold secret we got is that JAMB sets series of questions. For example, in subjects where you are to answer 50 questions, like 80 тАУ 100 questions will be set and uploaded to the exam questions. The computer rotates the question for each candidate. Hence, the questions to be served to each candidate cannot totally be the same.


The strategy to be applied by Expocyber.Com in assisting candidates is simply that we will be releasing the questions to be uploaded on the exam portal as well as answers to them. A serious candidate is expected to practice these questions thoroughly and master their answers as we cannot guarantee the specific question you would see. To avoid leakage, the questions & answers will not be sent until 24hours to the time of your exam. Perhaps, you have limited time to study. We have chosen to apply this principle to avoid leakage of the questions.
Note: that the questions will not be posted online like we did for Pen and paper test. Instead, it will be sent to individual phone number as sms. We strictly advice candidates to keep the questions confidential as any form of leakage would lead to Jamb changing the question.

Note that if the question should get changed, we will always assist candidates further on CBT.

Finally! don't get yourself too worried. Subscribe to ExpoCyber.Com JAMB CBT assistance program and you're only a step of scoring 250+

TERMS: (i) Answers will be sent to you 6hrs b4 exam, so there is no need to worry.

(ii) If you are a SCHOOL HEAD or you need the whole Subjects, Call us on Our Helpline TO SPEAK WITH US
CALL US now: 08166276067
for Pricing.
1. English
2. Maths
3. Biology
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Literature
7. Government
8. Economics
9. Commerce
10. C.R.K
11. Agric
12. Geography
13. Accounting

How To subscribe For These Jamb CBT Answers

Pay the Jamb Answers Fee of just₦5,000 flat to The bank details below, and get in mind, The full assurance of getting the Answers of your Four(4) Subjects

AccounT Name : Okonkwo Emmanuel .C.
AccounT Number : 3113116822

write down this our bank account number. Because we can remove it anytime!!


AFTER DEPOSIT/TRANSFER PAYMENT, Text Your Full Name, Your Correct Phone number, Your Four(4) Subjects, JAMB Registration Number, Exam Date/Time (When Available) and A short text with "I Paid For ExpoCyber.com 2018 JAMB CBT Answers Runs" to 08166276067

And immediately we get notification from the bank, you will be Sent an Immediate SMS about Some JAMB infos and Thus you are added to our SMS list to Get your 2018 JAMB Answers

You May now call Mr. CyberBrainx's 24/7 Hotline on 08166276067 for more info

Some Frequently Asked Questions (?)

1. How would your www.ExpoCyber.Com Crew know that i have paid?
{ Yes, the bank will send us an SMS & email alert that someone with name like this paid and their teller number.

2: How are we sure these answers would get to us, and how would it get to us, and how are we sure the answers are correct -
{ Sure the answers which has been approved to be fully correct without no doubt from 0ur various source will be fully verified by US before getting to you guys not lately before 1am on that day and Surely Via Mobile SMS from sender name as Jamb Runz 2017 }

ADVICE: Just ₦5000 can Free you from JAMB CBT Problem Forever, Not even upto the Money you Spend on your Boy & Girl Friends, Wears & Drinks when Flexing with Friends.
prepare for Your Education first.

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